Welcome to Surynath Shiksha Samiti


Surnath Shiksha Samiti , Nidilpur is one of the best Educational Trust(Regd.) Situated in one of the major area of North India. Our college receive students from all 24 districts of the Purvanchal a region of Northern India. It is one of the premier institutional trust in this region which is providing super speciality education. Trust is founded in year 2002.

Our Objectives

The College provides a course for secondary school teachers and fresher candidates who desire to equip themselves with professional efficiency.

It enables the prospective teachers to understand the nature, purpose and spirit of secondary education.
It develops amongst teachers an understanding of the psychology of the students.
The college provides impetus for development of teaching and learning situations in the classroom among the trainees through simulated teaching.

Mission & Vision


Basant Shiksha Samiti Trust believes to be a unified institute, contributing strongly to the sustainable development of students in all the departments. Our vision is to generate confident individuals who contribute to the society, with a holistic approach." Our vision is to generate perfect professionals, with complete employment capabilities, sense of responsibilities and a blend for their right.

To Mould minds of young scholars towards attainment of wisdom.


Basant Shiksha Samiti Trust is committed to excellence and shall continuously strive to set new benchmarks in the fields of education and research. At Basant Shiksha Samiti, we aim to provide meaningful education to our students by innovation our pedagogy, which will further enable our students to develop into achievement oriented professionals with holistic concerns for ethics and Society

To inculcate humanity and discipline in various fields of life.

To Prepare the students for jobs.

T0 Develop the students as responsible citizens of the country.

In the light of the above objectives, the curriculum for the B.Ed course includes theory, practice teaching and contains practical on lab-based subjects / Case Study on non-lab based subjects, Micro Teaching, Action Research, Achievement Test, Pedagogical Analysis, Simulated Teaching, Community Outreach/ Field Survey , Co-curricular Activities, Preparation of TLM and Computer Application. Successful completion of the B.Ed Course is an essential pre-requisite for becoming a perfect teacher in secondary school.